HW development

Simple electronics,
extensive SW support

We design and develop...

  • complete hardware development from requirement to production. On top of that, we will take care of embedded and application development. Complex projects are what we do every day.
  • Leave your project with us and we will get it into production.


  • Project and system management.
  • Electronic design including PCB layout.
  • EMC testing and optimization.
  • Software engineering and development (Full-stack, embedded to cloud).
  • Design for manufacturing.
  • Prototyping.
  • Testing, validation and certification.
  • Product lifetime support.
  • Housing design

Cooperation stages

Technical skills

  • Design of the scheme and layout in Altium or any customer preferred ECAD environment.
  • FW development.
  • HW architecture (support) including key component pre-selection.
  • Preparation of complete manufacturing data set/package including EOL instructions.
  • Mechanical design of housing and interfaces.
  • Embedded software (firmware) development.
  • wired (ethernet, modbus…) as well as wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, LTE…)
  • Certification support (CE, FCC, UL)
  • Support for serial production and manufacturing documentation
  • Development of desktop, web and mobile applications that communicate with electronics

Fields of expertise

  • IoT devices.
  • Sensors
  • Home / Building Automation, Intelligent / smart buildings and homes
  • Industry automation.
  • R&D devices and machines.
  • Industrial devices and machines.

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