HW development

Simple electronics,
extensive SW support

We design and develop...

  • complete hardware development from requirement to production. On top of that, we will take care of embedded and application development. Complex projects are what we do every day.
  • Leave your project with us and we will get it into production.


  • Project and system management.
  • Electronic design including PCB layout.
  • EMC testing and optimization.
  • Software engineering and development (Full-stack, embedded to cloud).
  • Design for manufacturing.
  • Prototyping.
  • Testing, validation and certification.
  • Product lifetime support.
  • Housing design

Cooperation stages

Technical skills

  • Design of the scheme and layout in Altium or any customer preferred ECAD environment.
  • FW development.
  • HW architecture (support) including key component pre-selection.
  • Preparation of complete manufacturing data set/package including EOL instructions.
  • Mechanical design of housing and interfaces.
  • Embedded software (firmware) development.
  • wired (ethernet, modbus…) as well as wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, LTE…)
  • Certification support (CE, FCC, UL)
  • Support for serial production and manufacturing documentation
  • Development of desktop, web and mobile applications that communicate with electronics

Fields of expertise

  • IoT devices.
  • Sensors
  • Home / Building Automation, Intelligent / smart buildings and homes
  • Industry automation.
  • R&D devices and machines.
  • Industrial devices and machines.

Edhouse Internal HW Projects

We have developed several SoCs forthe company’s internal purposes. These are STM32-based solutions and ARMs(various Raspberry Pi models etc.) which we fitted with custom designedsoftware – such as API, communication, data collection and monitoring, and UI.

EDIS – Attendance System with RFID Terminals

An effective solution for recording employee attendance using RFID chips. The attendance terminal allows us to monitor employee arrivals, departures and more using contactless chips and a touch screen. The terminals are connected to a web-based internal system withaccess to employees with the option to edit.

  • 125kHzRFID sensors and tags
  • color LCD touch screen, PyQt UI app
  • REST API, attendance system integration
  • ethernet, active POE48V 802.3af
  • custom design

Meteor – System for Booking Shared MeetingRooms with Active Terminals

An elegant solution for easy booking of meetingrooms with an overview dashboard of their occupancy. The rooms can be booked adhoc in front of the meeting room, or via shared calendars showing the individual rooms.

  • FullHD HDMI AMOLED display
  • IR motion sensor – display auto switch
  • thin client, HTML5 single page app, touch UI
  • dashboard displaying individual room occupancy
  • cloud calendar integration (Office 365 Exchange or Google Calendar)
  • Ethernet, active POE 48V 802.3af
  • custom design

Slab – Laboratory Environment Monitoring

Awall-mounted device which continuously monitors the lab environment. Unlike other solutions, Slab stores the data in a database with the option for remote evaluation and annotation via Grafana dashboard.

  • integratedsensors for temperature, humidity, dust particles PM1, PM2.5,PM4, and PM10, CO2, VOC
  • energy-efficient SPI E-ink display showing the current measured values
  • InfluxDBdata collection
  • Grafana data monitoring
  • Ethernet, active POE 48V 802.3af
  • custom design

RESS – UPS Management, Network Watchdog and Relay Switch

This device can be used in rack cabinets of data centers (server rooms) for remote monitoring and control of subsystems that are not equipped with their own independent management (IPMI, iDrac etc.).

  • monitoring and alerting of current flow in rack, two independent power branches
  • UPS– USB monitoring, automatic server shutdown
  • network availability monitoring tools
  • remote manual restart/switch of subsystems
  • watchdog– automatic restart of subsystems based on network availability
  • Ethernet
  • two redundant sources
  • custom design

SmartLab Network KVM Switch

A device which is used for switching access (both local and remote) to the advanced lab tool from up to four control PCs. The lab device is connected via USB and several Ethernet interfaces to one control PC at a time while SmartLab allows to switch between the PCs.

  • USB3.0 KVM switch and RS-485 bus integration
  • managed network switch, port isolation, jumbo frame support
  • monitoring current flow via the connected device (using Grafana)
  • remote control, web UI, user authentication
  • custom design

Keylock – RFID Key Safe

Akey safe with a lock modified to use RFID chips instead of a code or a key.It’s equipped with a register of loaned out keys with RFID tags and blocks userchips in case of incorrect use. Emergency access with mechanical key in theevent of a power failure. Web interface with an overview of active loans.

  • 125kHzRFID sensors and tags
  • opening indication, sound signal
  • RESTAPI, LDAP integration with Active Directory
  • Ethernet,active POE 48V 802.3af
  • customdesign of the RFID panel

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