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Background & Challenge

The FEI company is a world leader in electron microscopy technology with development branches all around the world. It develops high quality products for various customers – famous universities, prominent pharmaceutical companies or semiconductor industry development centres.

The company searched for a steady supplier to ensure development of control software for electron microscopes. With this software playing a crucial role in managing the device itself as well as processing the research results, it was essential to find top quality development team competent to master the high requirements in the field.

Edhouse solution

We have offered our top-level professionals who are specialists in the very specific field of microscopy. Our great experience brought about a gradual increase in both our development team and number of projects. We are glad to say that our mutual cooperation with FEI helps us both to grow. It gives us great joy to work on projects that move the world of technology forward.

The Edhouse company provides us with a top-class and highly qualified development team who flawlessly managed the technological platform as well as with a highly specialised expertise related to the development of our electron microscopes. The Edhouse consignments are always of high quality and on schedule. Another out of many advantages resulting from our cooperation is great communication combined with an ongoing effort to find our own innovative solutions.

RNDr. Jaroslav Chmelík, CSc.

head of R&D department, FEI Czech Republic s.r.o.

Thermo Fisher Scientific – The World needs Answers

Background & Challenge

Onsemi offers innovative solutions for energy-saving electronics that helps reduce energy consumption globally. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor components and solutions that are widely used in automotive, communications, computer technology, consumer electronics, industrial technology, LED lighting, medical electronics, military and aviation, and power applications.

The customer decided to expand its developer team to meet the growing demands of production for software support. This was also due to overall growth of the companyand the need to integrate new solutions.

Edhouse solution

Close contact with the client and especially with its experts allows us to gain long-term knowledge of semiconductor manufacturing processes. By combining this knowledge with our experience, we are able to develop software that meets the demanding requirements for running in a production environment. In addition to development, we also bring innovative approaches to solving customer requirements. You can "see" semiconductors in every device, around you - in consumer electronics, cars, medical devices, etc. We feel a great responsibility in creating the software that is behind their production. And we are glad that we can contribute to its improvement. Not only by the development itself, but also by the customer gaining more time to focus on the development of their activities.

As a leader in its field, Onsemi requires top suppliers. To improve production, it chooses professionals who can be relied on for speed and quality of the delivered solution. Edhouse has long met our requirements and is a stable supplier we can rely on.

Vít Elbel

Vice President, Manufacturing Information Systems

Onsemi – The World moves fast. Technologies faster. Think ON.

Background & Challenge

NCR is a world leading company in complex solutions in bank and financial sectors, which reflects perfectly in their demands on quality and reliability. The company ensures development of world-renowned retail networks.

Edhouse solution

Thanks to our technical qualities, flexibility and experience, we are able to reliably fulfil all the requirements of NCR, including the development of technologies for fueling, payment transactions or managerial tools for complicated retail networks. There is nothing more beautiful than making good use of our expertise and experience in such demanding and significant projects after years of all-out effort.

Edhouse is our long-standing partner, who can build a team of software engineers with a very high level of technical and personal skills, able to professionally and communicatively cover the demanding requirements of developing our world-class NCR solutions. Edhouse is a partner we can rely on.

Jozef Smižanský

Senior Software Engineering Manager, SWT - Retail, Convenience & Fuel Retail

NCR – Everyday Made Easier.

Background & Challenge

ComAp, a.s. is a Czech company operating globally as one of the top companies in the area of development and manufacturing of control systems for backup and independent energy sources, including software and attachments. Its products became a world standard, and they represent irreplaceable elements incustomers’ energy infrastructure.

ComAp wished to come up with a new modern SCADA software system for monitoring and application management which would allow customers to work in an intuitive and user-friendly environment using current web technologies.

Edhouse solution

Edhouse is experienced in developing web solutions for the industry and technical devices. We have compiled a team ready to analyze the requirements, design the system architecture and create new software. Together with the experts from ComAp, we have built a tool that is up-to-date, intuitive and safe. We were proud to witness InteliSCADA, the final new product, being released to the market.

ComAp has been developing smart and safe solutions for monitoring energy generated from backup and independent sources for 30 years. An integral part of our products is a software ecosystem, for the development of which we need a partner who has substantial know-how in the given area and contributes to the solution design and development management. Edhouse is the perfect fit in this regard, and our partnership is highly valued.

Marek Novotný

R&D Director

ComAp - The heart of smart control

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